Mirai DDoS and IoT

You may have noticed that earlier this week Twitter, Facebook, Imgur and a number of other major social media sites became unavailable at worst, or sluggish to use at best. The reason for this was due to an attack on Dyn DNS servers.

Simply put, this “attack” was composed of millions of “zombie” computer or internet accessing devices  (think PVR, smart fridges, certain CCTV cameras and such). being hacked and compromised in such a way that they all show up on your doorstep basically leaving you struggling to figure out who to turn away, who to let in, or generally enter/exit leave your own digital doorstep. The Official term for this? A DDOS or Distributed/Designated Denial of Service Attack as it’s only goal is to get as much traffic as possible from worldwide to flood your internet traffic to the point that your structure simply can’t respond and shut down the site.

This also wasn’t the first time this happened as Kreb’s Online Security Blog also suffered a similar attack with a DDoS after he uncovered a plot by a user known as “Anna-Senpai” who created a code that particularly scans, compromised and redirects the traffic of million of IOT devices belonging to one particular company for the use of huge traffic raising attacks. This one in particular was to the tune of 600 to 700 Gbps (Gigabits per second).

What’s problematic now however is that Anna’s released the source code for all to use and integrate for their own purposes and generally speaking, things aren’t looking to good in the immediate future as while there are ways to contain a DDoS attack, one of that level is a lot harder to do and these IOT devices aren’t equipped to be easily patched and updated to prevent compromise faster than the code could be manipulated.

Looks like we got some rough digital waters to tread through in the next little while.



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