Former Vice Media Editor Suspected in Transnational Drug Ring

Former music editor Yaroslav Pastukhov is suspected in a transnational drug smuggling ring in which interns and other staff members were allegedly targeted in a scheme to smuggle drugs in the lining of suitcases for 10,000 CAD on flights heading to Las Vegas and Australia.

Pastukhov’s allegations stem from former staffer Jordan  Gardner’s recent arrest by Australian officials when cocaine was discovered and seized from the lining of  his luggage. The value of the luggage, among others is said to be between 5.1-6.2 million US dollars.

According to the National Post, other former staff members report Pastukhov as approaching them offering 10,000 CAD reward for travelling to the above locations and delivering the drug-laced suitcases for him. Staffers say that Pastukhov would first make the offer via email and proceed with more details via personal text message with of a promising “gig” or opportunity but many knew or suspected of the real intention behind the trip.

“I’m not an idiot. I’ve been around drug dealers in my life. I asked him what’s in the suitcase and he wouldn’t tell me.”- spoke out on particular intern

Pastukhov‘s alleged  actions and coercing indicate then a reality of how transnational crime rings work and persist. Many staffers that got cold feet after agreeing were told they were confronted by unknown aggressors and others suggested that the corporate culture at Vice would paint them as liars or at risk of losing their jobs. In such environments crime  fears then on motivations of  fear and naivety. One only needs to lure and tempt the individual appealing to either their greed or fear of a higher authority to motivate and coerce them into giving into a criminal action. With police we see this termed as entrapment, but in crime its seen as embezzlement, racketing, extortion etc. One gets a service or “profit” whilst knowing something is off and once they engage in the action it becomes harder to say no and back away.

Source to the article:

How a former editor allegedly used Vice Canada to recruit drug mules for a global smuggling ring



“I’m not an idiot. I’ve been around drug dealers in my life. I asked him what’s in the suitcase and he wouldn’t tell me.”



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