Rensenware: The Ransomware Where you Pay With a Different Type of Points

Originally intended as a proof of concept, Rensenware is a new strain of file encrypting-malware that encrypts and locks the users’ sensitive files and data akin to Locky, Zepto, Cryptowall and other notable brands. What makes Rensenware unique to the malware scene however is  that according to  it’s creator,Tvple Eraser the only way to break the encryption lock is to score 0.2 billion points in Lunatic difficulty in a “bullet-hell” (think Galaga with more lasers) video game called TH12~ Undefined Fantastic Object.

Not an easy looking game even on Normal difficulty

According to Malware Hunting Team, Tvple Eraser initally made the malware as a joke for fans of people who liked the game series “Touhou Project” and ended up uploading the source code on Github for what was intended to be a brief period of activity before “accidentally falling asleep”. To make matters worse, Eraser also ended up locking himself out of the files due to being unable to meet his set requirements for the in-game unlocking tool.

This all being said, Tvple Eraser has gone on record issuing an apology to victims of his ransomware via the use of Rensenware Enforcer allowing those affected by the malware to bypass the need to play the game in order to unlock their files.


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