Gabriel is a a graduate of the University of Toronto St George Campus with an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a major and double minor in Criminology, Sociology and the Philosophy of Science and Technology. He also holds a certificate of continuing education from the Chang school of Ryerson University  in Digital Forensics and Computer Security.

Throughout his career he has worked at a number of legal aid offices, Corporate Law offices, and at the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Other aspects you may not know about is his participation in the Osgoode Hall Mooting Competition, knowledge of AML and anti-terrorist practices, semi-fluency in Portuguese and his published work for Inquire Publications on the Discourse of Foucault and Bitcoin.

Programming Languages:


OS knowledge:

Ubuntu 14-16
Kali Linux
Windows 2000, XP, 7, 10
iOS 4,5, 9,10
Android 2.3-7.0
Blackberry OS 10